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Wilkoppies, Klerksdorp

Policy & Rules

School Rules

Each organisation works on guidelines and regulations. All learners and parents are required to follow these.  The Disciplinary Code of Conduct contains all the regulations in this regard.  The following provides further practical information and guidelines of what is expected of learners attending the School.

General Behaviour

  • When the bell rings for the beginning of the day (7:25) all learners assemble at the designated location for daily devotion or formal assembly – depending on what is required.  All learners ascribe to the Assembly Policy which includes daily devotions.
  • Learners who arrive late (on ANY day of the week!), i.e. after 7:25, MUST report at the office and bring a letter from the office, signed by the principal or deputy-principal, to the teacher where he/she is the first period.
  • No learner is allowed to leave class before the end of a period.
  • Permission to leave the School premises, or to abandon tuition for the day, during school hours, can only be authorised through the office and with full permission from the parents and the Principal.
  • Learners should at all times show respect towards themselves, teachers, staff members and other learners.
  • Learners are the representatives of the School and are required at all times during school hours and at School functions to wear proper School uniform.
  • Girls only are allowed to wear jewellery.  In order to create uniformity only two types of earrings, small rings and studs with a diameter or length of not more than 1.5 cm, are allowed. Girls may only wear one type of earring at a time.
  • Girls are also not allowed to use nail polish or artificial nails.
  • Learners are not allowed to practice for any shows, pageants, assemblies, etc. during class time.  This includes any study periods the learners might have.  Only scheduled practice sessions under supervision of a teacher are allowed after the Principal has given permission.
  • While textbooks are on order, photocopies will be provided by the School at the School’s cost.  As soon as textbooks are available in the bookstore, no further copies will be provided.  All textbooks are strictly cash.

Specific Class Behaviour

  • In an effort to improve English communication skills, English is the sole medium of communication during class time.
  • Learners must provide their own stationery and books and are not allowed to borrow from other learners.
  • Cheating in homework/tests/examination show a lack of respect and discipline and cannot be tolerated by the School and will result in the learners involved not receiving any recognition for that subject.
  • Bunking classes are not acceptable and can lead to a disciplinary process being started against a learner.
  • Learners are in school to study and therefore do not need cell phones during school hours. This includes any study period, aftercare and assembly.  If cell phones disturb class, parents will be informed and other arrangements discussed.
  • Learners are not to eat or drink any liquids during class time as it distracts from teaching. This includes chewing gum.
  • As hats and caps are not part of the official school uniform, they are not allowed to be worn on the School grounds, which includes all classrooms.
  • To protect desks and chairs learners are not to place bookcases on desks or chairs.
  • Learners who need to go to the bathroom during period time must not dally and must return immediately as not to lose too much teaching time.  Learners also do not go in pairs or more to the bathroom or leave the classroom.
  • Learners are not allowed to be sent by teachers to other teachers or the office.  If a message needs to be sent, one learner is enough to bring a message.
  • Learners should at all times consider how their actions in class (and outside) affect the other learners’ education. In this regard the following applies:
  • Acting or distracting other learners during lessons shows disrespect towards the  teachers, other learners and their parents.
  • Littering inside classrooms (or on the School grounds) shows disrespect for the school, the environment, other learners, parents, and the community.
  • Damaging School property shows disrespect towards the School, other learners and parents. Any damages will be charged to the responsible learner’s account and may lead to a disciplinary process.
  • Fighting, strife, cursing, swearing or dirty language are not accepted behaviour and can lead to a disciplinary process.
  • Stealing, lying or any dishonesty are not accepted behaviour and can lead to a disciplinary process.
  • No chairs may be lifted above the head as it could damage the fans or ceiling.