3 Rothman St

Wilkoppies, Klerksdorp

Our Values

Core Beliefs

The Academy is Christian-based in the sense that the “Manufacturer’s Handbook of Life” (The Bible) is taken as a guideline in all matters, and that a personal relationship with God as Father through the Lord Jesus Christ is the essence of life. No doctrine or denomination is emphasised. Respect and tolerance towards others who think otherwise, are encouraged. We endeavour to develop the total person and desire to establish principles of success and character to prepare learners for life and leadership.

Our Vision

Building a Youth of Integrity.

Our Mission

  • To offer quality, value-based education, that will empower the learners at every level of their lives.
  • To build a strong academical and vocational foundation together with excellence in character.
  • To assist, facilitate and guide people in their relationship with Father God, their Source of Origin, Creator and Saviour Jesus Christ, with Whom they can establish a personal relationship, finding their true identify and security in His unconditional passionate love.
  • To release strong leadership for our country and its people, bringing forth excellence, fairness, faith, honesty, hope, human dignity, integrity, joy, justice, kindness, love, patience, peace, tolerance, equity and quality, in every aspect of their lives.
  • To provide a loving, caring environment in which all our children can develop not only intellectually, but also spiritually and socially. We aim to help our children meet life’s challenges and to experience God’s great love for us all.